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Surface Elite 40 D Carbon Tubeless Wheelset


Surface Elite 40D Carbon Road Disc wheels:
Use: Road Race and Training
Weight: 1475g
Front: 670g
Rear: 805g

100% Toray Carbon rim with hook bead design - Full carbon rim, 3K Twill finish, UD structural layup

DT Swiss 240s Straightpull, Centrelock disc brake hubs
Front: 100x12 Boost Thru Axle, 2 sealed bearings, Centrelock rotor mount, 24H
Rear: 142x12 Boost Thru Axle, 4 sealed bearings, 18T ratchet for lowest freewheel drag and lowest service requirements, Centrelock rotor mount, Shimano HG driver interface, 24H

Star Ratchet drive for unparalleled reliability and positive drive engagement, highest service life and very easy to service, replacement components readily available.

Straight Pull Flange system allows for higher spoke tension and increased spoke life while preventing associated hub flange failures.

Higher spoke tensions provide livelier wheel response and reduced lateral flex and improved overall wheel durability.

Sapim CX Ray Aero spokes with alloy nipples
2.2x0.9mm elliptical aero profile
Straight pull
2.0xFG2,3mm thread
Spoke length F: 279/281, R: 279/281mm
2.0mm 14G Alloy locking nipple
2x spoke lacing pattern front and rear ensures best possible transfer of both rider torque delivery and torque handling under hard braking.
Sapim are known as industry-leaders for spoke technology in the bicycle scene, ensuring no cutting of corners with regard to quality on our wheels.

Genuine Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects (See T‘s and C‘s)

3K Twill Finish ensures beautiful aesthetics and protective layer over UD structural layups from abrasions and knocks
26x17mm hook rim bead provides optimum tyre profiles for typical sizes up to 28c
40mm rim depth provides adequate aerodynamic advantage while maintaining lowest possible external wheel weight for rapid, low-effort acceleration.
26mm widest point on rim provides smoother airflow improving aerodynamics.
Lower profile makes these wheels easier to ride in cross winds
F: 24H, R:24H

Hooked rim bead provides improved tyre bead security
Typical non-tubeless folding tyres have a looser fit on rims compared to tubeless tyres. This requires an additional layer of protection on rims involving a hook on the edge of the rim bead to prevent tyres from unseating and possibly blowing off the rim when used as tube and tyre options. Optimised modulus selection and directional layups resist impacts and dissipate stress.
Safety and reliability is improved allowing us to provide a genuine Lifetime Warranty (T‘s & C‘s) on the rims.

True tubeless design
The True Tubeless design of the tyre bed means that there are no spoke holes that need covering with a special adhesive rimtape.
Adhesive tapes are frequently damaged during tyre repair, removal or installation.
Adhesive tape systems are prone to therefore leak therefore.
By doing away with this system, we ensure a superior sealing surface that cannot be easily damaged during tyre removal and replacement procedures.
Rimtapes developing bulges and rupturing under pressure are completely eliminated.
This translates into easier wheel maintenance for the rider and more care-free time on the bike and less time fixing it.

Tubeless shoulders provide mechanical lock for the tyre bead on tubeless tyres which minimizes tyres unseating and burping air or even catastrophically deflating.

Toray carbon
Well known as an industry leader in composite technologies. Toray provides a level of quality assurance with regards to our raw materials. This means that the rider can rest assured that their wheels are made of the best materials available.

100% hand built
Start to finish, these wheels are 100% hand-assembled and tensioned. No robots have been involved in the manufacturing of these wheels. This means that the owner has assurance of artisan-built wheels (robots have not gotten there yet) as well as the moral-ethical advantage that our wheel-building procedures provide employment for people feeding families.

Water transfer decals - Provide high quality and durable graphic finish.

Barcode: 6009700045599


Our lifetime warranty is for the first, original owner of the wheelset. Surface Wheels warrants the rims to be free of manufacturing defect for the lifetime of the wheelset under ownership of the original purchaser.

Should failure occur within the first year that is deemed to be as a result of manufacturing error, Surface Wheels will replace the defective component at no charge to the owner. Labour for wheel-building and transport costs for the defective wheel to and from Surface Wheels is covered under the Warranty in the first year for consumers in Europe.

Any warranty claims on the rim that are valid beginning in the second year and onwards will have the defective rim replaced free of charge while transport to our wheel building centre is for the responsibility of the customer. Return shipping to the owner will be covered by Surface Wheels.
Damage caused as a result of impact or crash and not attributable to manufacturing defect will be replaced at 50% of the cost. Labour and shipping is for the responsibility of the customer.Hubs and spokes are covered by the standard warranty policy of the individual manufacturer.


Technology Specifications

Innovation meets functionality, features and purpose.
Our products have been carefully selected with the right materials to endure the wide range of environments.

Material Type

Toray carbon, 15k twill weave


Matte black, red gloss decals






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